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"First graders really enjoy seeing these letters come

to life and have an adventure. The illustrations are quite engaging for young

children, especially when they see the characters cooperating to create familiar words."


--Matt Lawrence 2014 Hawaii State Teacher

of the Year

"An imaginative idea, great illustrations and a charming plot that made me laugh. Great for young kids!" 


Dr. Terrie Mathis, linguistics lecturer, Cal State University-Northridge.

"Teachers AND Parents: Get ready for a delightful new way to introduce the alphabet to young children! Lawrence employs a gentle humor throughout his book, in both the illustrations and text, so that kids enjoy hearing these pages read aloud-- over and over again. 


You will also find "The Consonant

and the Vowel" is an entertaining reinforcement tool when used with youngsters who are already

'know  their letters.'


So here it is: a fresh light-hearted way for both you AND and the  

kids- to have FUN with the Alphabet!"


 --Dana Newmann, author of 'The Early Childhood Teacher's Almanack,' former Reading  Specialist, New Mexico State Department of Education

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